Hiya how are you

by Samuel Meister

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(A selection from “But, say you, it sounds very harsh to say we eat and drink ideas, and are clothed with ideas.”)

a poem written in approximately five minutes expires approximately five minutes before its writer

the sun beaming merrily the painter sits painting in the landscape painting his easel with colours the sky being blue a screen for sweet sweet little sheep looming in the misty hazelnut while mucus is dripping from his nose blurring the colours covering the easel the sun beams lightening from the sky on the landscape there are no rosy mammoths on the silky moon while mucus is dripping on the easel painted by the painter darting through the colours each drop destroying a world sweet sweet little screams are reaching his ear thunderstruck he is by the various vociferous voices of nailing nature Christ he cries and off he goes.

it’s called: do I dare to be sentimental?

I see two suns where I should see one one only yours. but: staring !I at mine, glances back then our suns are dead yours is that is mine eclipsing a globe that shrank: just a moon. her mammoths grow rosier still still the horizon is howling then last temptations broken by the brontosaurus falling from a sky. “up up peho” it screams who could I resist the invitation up up then up to my sun dive in! the easel is burnt the joints of my limbs melt and here I am again. I ride my brontosaurus onto the playground in safety again juggling balls of which the moon shrunk is one only one. here in the centre of my sun I may digest what blinded me before; a scoop of vanilla ice cream your sun the moon the ball is now.

why not?

another attempt

purgatory flames marshmallows – tulip bulbs pressed ornaments – panting clouds ruptured  – and the sliced tunnel: trustless standing view of !look its nose abiding a spinning top. golden lyre rightful possession of violet-haired muses deep-sounding thunderer of brandished spears your last hopping there see in exhaustion the hare a spinning top flaming. round they dance pink sugar roast brown spitting this is important spitting ornaments. sliced then distributed everyone gets a share refreshed a chewing gum! up up now if you run I can still catch the bus they see me pressing closer; as you turn the spit watering lemon cake irony.

royal jelly.


hedgerows of yew-trees guarding eden gate; nipples like hazelnuts whetted by broomsticks !high afloat this is the geese wading past like submerged medallions of ground-sloth velvet made from plasticine. yes it is. illustrated by soft oh so soft (it is). ☺☺☺☺ the one in the middle is quirinus kuhlmann those on the side notes on the previously discussed allusions that is YOU I mean as anyone acquainted with these works will immediately recognise in the poem certain references to vegetation ceremonies. do we know the frost whetting the window with goose down an astrolabe -> santa santa santa the end is nigh as ucalegon drowns in a slough of gore sealing the last penetration.

gently lyrical

coloured leaves fall through the evening tide borne away by the blasts of spring. dispersed on the surface of the sea they are sucked down where in mud they lie unpretentiously stroking the sand ripples clustered with vines growing shades towards the light bulb sheltering the waves. in a corner of the playground I sit on a swing tentatively striking the gravel chords with one foot then the other. there is the attempt to convey from mine to yours or his or hers but it can never mean more than exploring the cheerfulness of isolation. black pudding chatters away the privacy of others; tentatively. hailbuds shredder the leaves grind them into the gravel before the vine has had any chance of attaining a search warrant. the pelicans dance in ecstatic joy shitting romantic patterns that pervade the air. now the five hundred bushel men leave their lairs. it is the last they saw of this swing.


ajax 394-427

io! darkness my light to !me gloom o shining far choose choose me to dwell with you choose me! me not worthy now of looking at the race of gods nor at one of the day-bound men for help. no. zeus’ strong daughter goddess is torturing me to death. where can one flee? where arriving can i stay? all is ruined !friends in liver and bile we lie with foolish prey the whole army double-striking me with its hand to kill. o poor me that these things a man with value utters such as before he would not have borne ever. io! sea-resounding straits sea-bordering caves and grove on the shore for a long long time around troy you kept me for ever but not any more !me not breathing any more; may everyone with reason know this! o skamander streams neighbours malevolent to the greeks not any more you shall see this man i boast such a man as troy has never beheld arriving from greece; now dishonoured thus here i lie.


whole grain sultana bran

plum plum en espace maladroit international ICE lucky le luke is rolling down the hillsize 140 arrête-toi ah quel dommage thus a great career ends with christina aguilera in a bath tub. dainty pudding surges yummy la langue délicieuse mais dégueulasse pass me my headphones please! never was womaniser not even when still kindergarten koyotka a break-down sondergleichen with oeufs tartares. ah jolly jumper bonjour vicino di colosseo have you eaten all-in-one? vos boobs sont phènoménales wirklich fabulous gibt’s die bei ebay? how sadly the world creeps onwards thinks lucky le luke while he is feeding the horse vicino di colosseo. the fridge opens automatically when dawn arises from tithonos’ bed from the cold wrinkled rotting sheets de l’amour fou.

anna karina!

larger british fungi

fungus nibbled by rabbits squirrels slug-eaten edible dull pale purplish red blood-red liver colour chocolate becoming blackish roundish dimidate subspathulate sessile stipitate thick fleshy viscid; chemical composition of edible fungi is roughly water from 80 to 90 per cent proteid-nitrogen from 2 to 5 per cent proportion indigestible luminosity of decaying wood; recently a specimen of fumago vagans preserved as herbarium material for 67 years retaining its vitality occurring on dead or decaying matter known as saprophytes usually more or less globose and varying much in size of a man’s head in species of polyporus and lentinus rotting of wood fabrics fruits moulding of bread jam tobacco; basidiomycetes mushrooms toadstools bracketfungi fairy clubs form a definite hymenial layer; slugs thrive on amanita phalloides the most poisonous fungus known fat about 1 per cent carbohydrates fungus-cellulose mineral matter ochrey ferruginous fleshy convexo-plane sometimes excentric



from the top of the tower from in-between the pinnacles a princess waves the Princess it’s me I have arrived. our cheeks abounding in love hand in hand we stand gazing at the glow of vanilla ice cream melting over the horizon. but fast fast the vandals ride on their stallions. we inhale a pre-coital pomegranate. tails in the wind. hope kisses. trumpet. !alas trumpet. !alas !alas they prick on the plain she cries !no already storming the tower the vandals climb ladders deadly raised the double-striking sword already: yet pelicans intervene and dissolve the vandals into drops of blood. hope kisses. trumpet. !alas a second cavalry and the pelicans are exhausted. no victory this time. the pinnacles are painted pelican red. the vandals are on the top of the tower. „I need a straw for the ice cream“ I say but it falls on deaf ears. they rape the Princess.

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